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Monday, 28 April 2014

International Delicious Buffet

Tuesday, 15 April 2014


About two decades ago, if someone had suggested spending the night in the desert, it would have been out of question. But not anymore! Now it has become a must for anyone who is visiting Dubai. A wonderful trip full of adventure and enjoyment that you will never forget because there is so much that you can do in the middle of the desert. Overnight desert safari has become an obsession with the tourists lately. You should try it too.
The trip has all that you can think of an Arabian night in the middle of the desert. The silence of the night, smell of the sand, stars held above your head and a beautiful Arabic Bedouin camp with Arabic carpets and pillows. You’ll feel like you’re living in a fairy tale. That’s not all, there is so much else for you to enjoy in the evening.
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Sunday, 30 March 2014


Imagine a beautiful place with stars held in the sky above your head, and the world around you is filled with the stunning view of music and choreography on the surface of striking still water with the reflections of amazing lights …only the dancers are not humans, but fountains. Yes, the fountains! A view breathtaking and worth watching, isn’t it?
If you happen to visit Dubai by any chance, don’t forget to pay a visit to man made lake of iconic Burj Khalifah at the center of Downtown Dubai. You will see a view to be remembered for a life time. And it would be even better if you go after the sun sets.
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Monday, 17 March 2014

How people experience on Dubai Dhow

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Best romantic places or attractions in Dubai

Humble beginnings can hit off at any time and any place. Especially when it’s about the person whom you love the most then Dubai offers best of the best for you and your special one to enjoy, relax and try hence making this trip the most romantic and fun trip of one’s life ever. 

Start with the horseback riding on classic Arabian horses in the stables next to Dubai. You will get to explore the wilderness of desert as well as the ships of desert that would pass by every now and then. 

Second on the list is Dhow Cruise Dubai which will be a perfect moment to enjoy Arabian Cuisine along with discovering the shoreline of Dubai city at night. 

Desert Safari comes at third as you would love to spend a night in desert along with Arabian music and unique belly dancing. Dubai also offers one of the kinds dining experience as well like the one you will get when dinning on 112th floor of world’s tallest building. 

If a change of view is what you want and need to get away from the hustle and bustle of ever busy city of Dubai then you might want to pay a visit to Hatta valley where mountains are waiting for you to lay over and have a picnic.

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