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Thursday, 12 November 2015

What are some tips for effective spinnaker trim?

 The first and primary thing you
ought to dependably attempt to answer is, contingent upon the wind conditions,
does it pay to 'warmth up' and get the yacht planning, or if you cruise a lower
course, which possibly doesn't get the watercraft planning; however, acquires
you a shorter, straighter line to the downwind check. When it truly blows,
things are 'simple', the pontoon will plane additionally at a lower course, the
trap is to stay upright and get the right adjust.

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Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Cruise Dinner Marina - Spend a lovely night with your spouse

There is just no better feeling that can convey peace to one's brain like the sounds of the ocean made by the waves and the cool wind that keeps running over them. Serene and tranquil; is how most people in Dubai like to have their nighttimes, particularly on the weekends Especially, if you have visited Dubai and want to spend some memorable time with your spouse, you must try Dhow Cruise Marina.

Dhow Cruise Marina – Spend Unforgettable Time with Your Spouse:

Indeed, there's nothing superior to a dhow cruise marina for a couple to enjoy refreshing moments of their life! Your excursion on the cruise starts with a little trek from the banks of the Dubai Marina, which is basically a wooden paddle boat that has been a part of Dubai's custom. Once on board the journey, you can basically sit back and can appreciate the smooth and peaceful climate around you. You can essentially appreciate a peaceful night, unwinding at the deck talking perpetually.

Dhow Cruise Marina – Plan Something Romantic for Your Spouse:

On the off chance that you are searching for something exclusive, you can book a separate cruise for yourself with a beautiful candlelight supper and some delicious food and wine. Soul touching music in the background will add more fascination to your memories. The view of the city during evening is glorious and you can appreciate the grand perspective around you. Moreover, you can ask your Dubai tour operator to decorate your dhow differently in a romantic way such as; they can decorate it with colorful flowers, balloons, candles and shimmery lights. In fact, you have a lot of options in front of you to make your time unforgettable with your spouse.  So, book Dhow Cruise Marina and enjoy precious moment of your life with your spouse.

Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Impress your Date by taking her on a Dhow Cruise Dinner Creek

Do you want to impress the lady of your life? A dhow cruise is a perfect romantic getaway to embrace some romantic moments. Having a quite delicious dinner and blissfully cruising on the glittering water under the dreamy, star studded night sky is the perfect way to impress your lady. An aura of thrill, excitement and serenity will fill your heart with lovely moments.

Romantic dhow cruise dinner provide the perfect ambiance you require to make it your best date ever. The decoration, scenic views in surrounding and the melodious tunes in background create perfect amorous environment. What can be more romantic than a starry night sky, glimmering moon and beautifully decorated dhow and your dearest one with you! This kind of romantic atmosphere can never be forgotten.

A romantic date dinner is incomplete without music. The live band onboard plays beautiful and heart touching music that adds to the soothing environment. Music enlivens the mood and takes you to the mesmerizingly romantic excursion on traditional dhow.

Decorated with an array of colorful lights, dhow cruise create a picturesque view to behold. The traditional Arabian vessel allows you and your partner to immerse in the splendid views of Dubai along with an experience that speaks of its recent and past glory. Let the cool breeze touch your cheeks in the serenity of the water and share your feelings with your partner along with the glimpse of majestic city of Dubai.

It is hard to put in words the Arabian charm and good feeling given by meandering dhow cruise unwinding through heart of Dubai especially when you are having the company of your loved one. The extensive assortment of traditional and international dishes will be served in the most efficient manner with great hospitality by a friendly staff. The cozy feel, delicious dinner and incredible hospitality under moonlit sky create an unforgettable romantic ambiance. 

Nothing can be better than this to impress your lady. Dubai dhow cruise dinner creek is an ideal way to spice up your love life. Impress your loved one and begin the new chapter of your life.  

Friday, 10 July 2015

Enjoy Royal Dinner on Dhow Cruise Marina

Dubai Marina is an artificial city of Dubai, where sightseers and locals can appreciate the yachts, shoreline side houses, shopping malls and much more. Basically, Dhow Cruise is a wooden boat that reflects the Dubai customs and tradition in a true manner. Tourists from all across the globe come to Dubai to enjoy the Dhow Cruise Ride on Marina. In fact, Marina offers a luxury and modern touch to Dubai and a great source of entertainment for visitors. Have a Look at what more you can enjoy on Dhow Cruise Marina.

Enjoy Royal Dinner on Dhow Cruise Marina :

Besides, one can appreciate an extravagance and royal standard supper on Dhow Cruise Marina and relish the sights of the ‘New Dubai’. Notwithstanding the touring, you can relish the essence of the International supper served locally available including tea, espresso, soda pops and water. Universal food is served to satisfy everybody's taste buds. Different International vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes use to serve on Dhow for visitors. Well, when it comes to taste, not even 5star hotels of Dubai can beat the delicious Dhow Cruise Supper taste. Things do not end here, there is much more for you on Dhow Cruise Dinner Marina.

Traditional Dance and much more is waiting for you on Dhow Cruise
Before returning back to the docking zone, you will be amazed with brilliant Tanoura Dance show. A flawless leisurely approach to appreciate the grand skyline of the Dubai marina, Jumeirah Beach, The dazzling designed buildings of the International 5 star inns with their private shorelines, The well known 7star Burj Arab, and incredibly famous Palm Jumeirah with the mysterious Atlantis Hotel are likewise specked along the cruising route. 

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Thursday, 2 July 2015

Difference between Dhow Cruise Creek and Dhow Cruise Marina

Cruising through the waters of Gulf in a leisurely style provides visitors a different pleasure. The joy of visiting Dubai does not complete without dhow cruise. Dhow cruise is a excursion on wooden boat decorated with colorful lights and reflects the real charm of traditions of Dubai with Arabic ambiance. In Dubai, there are two areas where Dhow Cruise is common. One is Dhow Cruise in Creek while the second is Dhow Cruise in Marina.  A lot of visitors are in the dilemma about the difference between dhow cruise creek and dhow cruise marina.
Dhow Cruise Creek is the way of spotting the old Dubai, old dhows and Abras and Dubai Marina is relatively modern area in Dubai. Cruising along both places has its own charm and definitely a worthy experience on its own. 
Sights and views- The area where Dhow Cruises are allowed to sail in the Creek is short and limited. The excursion begins from the historic Dubai Creek on the aquamarine waters of Arabian Sea. Many historical buildings comes your way ranging from the National Bank of Dubai and Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry buildings, elucidated souks and palaces, Sheikh Saeed’s House, the place of birth of Sheikh Rashid to the heritage village near Shindagha. Bastakiya Area followed by Souk and heritage Village has a very historical vibe and for a moment, it will make you forget that you are in current times.  From the Bur Dubai side, half of the length of route is taken up by a promenade.  
On the other side, Dubai Marina is modern construction and has plenty of architectural elements. Dhow Cruise along Dubai Marina will allow you to enjoy the attractions of modern Dubai and host of international five star hotels with their influential architecture including Jumeirah Beach Residences, villas of the Palm, attractive Atlantic Hotel, beach resort and also a view of the well known building, the Burj Al Arab Hotel. The skyline of modern Dubai looks fascinating at night and bridges with passing trams above you give memorable experience.
Ambiance- Cruising along Creek as well as Marina provides different ambiance.  As the creek covers the old Dubai, it has very hustle bustle with barges going to the ports, traffic and ambiance of business. Contrary to this, Dubai Marina provides the ambiance of enjoyment, fun and views of leisure vessels, private yachts and fishing boat.
Cost- Dhow Cruise in Marina is a lot more expensive than cruising along Creek. The cost is probably double of what they cost in the creek. As the price of Dhow Cruise Marina is high, its services are also of high quality.
Both areas of Dhow Cruise have their own exclusivity and charm. It depends upon your choice and preference what you like the most; old Dubai or modern Dubai. Enjoy the sightseeing views of modern and old Dubai in the comfort of traditionally adorned Dhow Cruise.


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