Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Impress your Date by taking her on a Dhow Cruise Dinner Creek

Do you want to impress the lady of your life? A dhow cruise is a perfect romantic getaway to embrace some romantic moments. Having a quite delicious dinner and blissfully cruising on the glittering water under the dreamy, star studded night sky is the perfect way to impress your lady. An aura of thrill, excitement and serenity will fill your heart with lovely moments.

Romantic dhow cruise dinner provide the perfect ambiance you require to make it your best date ever. The decoration, scenic views in surrounding and the melodious tunes in background create perfect amorous environment. What can be more romantic than a starry night sky, glimmering moon and beautifully decorated dhow and your dearest one with you! This kind of romantic atmosphere can never be forgotten.

A romantic date dinner is incomplete without music. The live band onboard plays beautiful and heart touching music that adds to the soothing environment. Music enlivens the mood and takes you to the mesmerizingly romantic excursion on traditional dhow.

Decorated with an array of colorful lights, dhow cruise create a picturesque view to behold. The traditional Arabian vessel allows you and your partner to immerse in the splendid views of Dubai along with an experience that speaks of its recent and past glory. Let the cool breeze touch your cheeks in the serenity of the water and share your feelings with your partner along with the glimpse of majestic city of Dubai.

It is hard to put in words the Arabian charm and good feeling given by meandering dhow cruise unwinding through heart of Dubai especially when you are having the company of your loved one. The extensive assortment of traditional and international dishes will be served in the most efficient manner with great hospitality by a friendly staff. The cozy feel, delicious dinner and incredible hospitality under moonlit sky create an unforgettable romantic ambiance. 

Nothing can be better than this to impress your lady. Dubai dhow cruise dinner creek is an ideal way to spice up your love life. Impress your loved one and begin the new chapter of your life.  


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